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5 Best Apps to Take on Date

October 20, 2009

Originally published on the Huffington Post.

We’ve got five apps you need to take on your next date. We’ve got apps to wow your date, apps to prepare for date disasters, and apps to find the latest hot spot. Don’t leave home without them.

1. Get Out of Date Free Card: Fake Calls by MagicTap
You’re in the middle of a first-date disaster. You’re bored, you’re not interested, and you just want to leave. Luckily you have the perfect excuse with Fake Calls. Like the name implies Fake Calls allows you to set up a fake call to come at a certain time (or you can set it on a fly in a few seconds). Choose who you’d like to call you (Mom, The President, whatever you’d like) and you’ll soon have an instant excuse. “I’d love to stay but my mom just… “

Fake Calls app for the iPhone: $.99 cents. Getting out of a bad date: priceless.

(thanks to @xSiteable for suggesting this app)


2. Wow Factor: Shazam by Shazam Entertainment

You’re at a bar or club and your data wonders what song’s playing. Could you possibly look cooler than if you pull out Shazam and within seconds know exactly which song is playing? (Okay it’s possible you could look cooler, but we think it’s up there). Shazam recognizes every song ever instantly*. It’s free, get it.

*Doesn’t really recognize every song ever and it actually takes about 30 seconds. Still, get it.


3. OMG I have to cook something: Dinner Spinner by All Recipes
Allrecipes.com Dinner Spinner performs miracles. Choose what ingredients you have on hand and what type of meal you’d like to make (appetizer, entree, dessert, etc.) and how much time you have available (we find it’s always under 20 minutes) and Dinner Spinner will give you a recipe to fit your requirements. If you’re feeling lucky you could also just shake it and get a random recipe.

Cost: Free


3. Problem: This Place Sucks, Solution: Yelp by Yelp

Yelp is a date necessity. Need a close by yet happening bar to go after dinner? Need to find another place to eat because your first choice was closed? Want to know what’s hot nearby? Yelp is the 21st century version of a Magic 8 Ball.

Cost: Free


5. After Date Pity Party: F-MyLife by enormego

Sadly, the date didn’t work out. It’s probably not your fault. Unless you were checking your iPhone the whole time, then it might be. We suggest getting F-MyLife and spending some time being grateful your life isn’t that bad.

Cost: Free, although you might want to spring for some wine.


To research this list we polled the twitterverse and our own office. We have to admit, that while we love these apps, our favorite response was:

@GlassHouseApps: “Um, might be best to put the iPhone away on a date?”

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Author : IntimacyTracker

How about taking the Intimacy Tracker application on a date ? Not all dates are bad! Some dates result in you getting intimate, and you can record the event, store the name of the person, store the number of times you had sex (or anything, open to the user) and rate it on a scale of 1 to 5. Try it and get wild!

Author : megan

Hey Jessie, Funny you should mention that - we were just passing that app around the office yesterday. Looks pretty sweet!

Author : Jessie

you should check out the Urban Daddy iPhone app - pimped out version of urban spoon!

Author : Todays Startup and Entrepreneurial Updates | CenterNetworks

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