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Brian Spero is a business owner and writer for Money Crashers where he talks about mobile trends, technology, and entrepreneurship.



The writing is on the wall when it comes to the emerging dominance of mobile advertising, as a growing number of consumers get acclimated with the idea of using their cell phone as a shopping tool. It should be eye-opening to learn that mobile ad spending rose to over $8 billion in 2012, with that amount projected to jump above $30 billion within the next four years.

While more and more businesses are cashing in on the growth of mobile commerce, there’s still time to strike while the iron is hot for first-time entrepreneurs looking for dynamic ways to jumpstart online revenue streams. If you have identified mobile as a smart way to market your business and connect with new customers, consider these tips to launch a successful mobile ad campaign.


1. Take Careful Aim
An important first step in formulating a strategy for mobile advertising is to identify the most promising demographic for your products or services, and then apply that knowledge to the mobile space where, for instance, individuals under the age of 30 comprise nearly 80% of the most targeted audience. Since we are talking about mobile, location data is a central factor in determining who receives your marketing message and when, and it can be even better utilized by analyzing information as it pertains to individual consumer habits. The goal is to pinpoint who your best customers are, the offers they are interested in, and where their daily routine takes them in order to deliver the right ad to the right person at the perfect time and place.


2. Create Eye Candy
The most popular apps and mobile web pages are making good use of smartphone super HD and retina displays, employing a visual approach that jumps off the screen. In order for your in-app ads and online banners to have a high rate of success, you need to give them a design that commands attention and screams out to be clicked.

Just because you are shrinking down to fit the smaller screen doesn’t mean artistic value or function can take a backseat. Embrace the opportunity to tap into cutting-edge mobile ad enhancements such as using in-banner videos or store locator functions to maximize the impact of your campaigns.


3. Format for On-the-Go
Creating material for the Web, especially as it pertains to mobile, requires communicators to refine their methods of effectively formatting content. Structure the user experience keeping in mind that the recipient of your mobile ads is an individual who is on the move, making it foolish to expect them to read through heavy text or stop to fill in fields of information. A direct approach utilizing visual collateral that makes an at-a-glance impact†is typically best received. From the heading, to the body, to the navigation, everything should be obvious and intuitive for the user to take action in the matter of a few clicks.


4. Cultivate Compelling Offers
One of the most effective ways to grow your client pool is by extending a mobile offer your target consumers find difficult to refuse. By providing incentives for taking action on your mobile ad – whether it be completing a purchase, opting in to a communications list, or making a referral – you present a win-win scenario that generates a higher rate of productive clicks.

With an efficient mobile advertising system, you can not only get your coupon in front of an audience that’s genuinely interested, but get it there at a time and place when it will be best received. Take into account every possible discernible factor when compelling your “best” customers to action. For instance, consider that iOS devices account for the largest share of domestic mobile revenues, and that the highest CTR for mobile ads tends to be between 6pm and midnight.


5. Don’t Be a Wallflower
Think of mobile ad delivery as arriving at a social engagement: Dress for success, make a confident entrance, come bearing gifts, and go out of your way to connect with new friends. By tying a social element to your mobile advertising campaign, you not only gain exposure to the exponential power of referral sharing, but also cater to the modern smartphone user’s insatiable appetite for mobile applications and social media interaction. Seek to access the social environments your customers most frequently populate, and add a fun or entertaining twist to your mobile ads in order to get your message to a responsive audience while injecting a viral element to your campaign.


6. Provide the Total Package
The savvy modern consumer has increasingly lofty expectations when it comes to mobile shopping. You can pinpoint the perfect demographic, access quality ad environments, and deliver inviting offers, but without the structure to provide a seamless sales experience, you are bound to let a large percentage of opportunities slip through your fingers.

By seeking cutting-edge capabilities – such as providing an intuitive mobile sales floor, effective CRM, mobile commerce functionality, and innovative in-store engagement features – you’ll not only maximize conversions, but forge consumer relationships that equate to return business and word-of-mouth referrals.


Final Thoughts
The facts are cut and dry when it comes to the promise of mobile advertising, as the majority of consumers around the world gravitate to using hand-held devices to enhance the shopping experience in their home, on the move, and in stores. By formulating strategies for consumer targeting and ad delivery, honing effective formatting and design, and seeking state-of-the-art mobile capabilities, you can capitalize on an emerging trend to dynamically drive your business.


What additional mobile advertising tips can you suggest?



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