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Becoming a Mobclix Ninja: Step 1 – Signing Up

Sumit Business Dev | Mobclix
September 14, 2011

Master Shifu, Sumit Verma, of the BD clan, will be walking you through (chapter by chapter) how to become a Mobclix Ninja.

Chapter I: Signing Up (忍者のパス)
You have chosen a noble path, young grasshopper.
The way of the remote controlled farting app and the “It’s Friday” soundboard is truly the way of the warrior, but you have traveled as far as you can on the path of the app.
Once you release it into the vast app store/marketplace ocean, like a glistening koi, your app will attract admirers.
But the only barrier remaining between it and true immortality is a murky cloud of silt that resides in its ripples, known as revenue.
To understand it – conquer it – master it – is to become a Mobclix Ninja.

There’s no reason that all developers can’t become masters of monetization, but only the few trained in the mysterious ways of the RTB Exchange, can reach into the opaque abyss and pull out the shimmering jewel of high eCPMs, with each and every ad call.

Join me and learn the Tao of Mobclix…it is your destiny.

1. Your journey begins here - By signing up for a developer account!

2. Acclimate yourself with the Dashboard

The dashboard is divided up into four main tabs, with two sections on each tab: an active section and a quick links control panel.

  • Be sure to familiarize yourself with links on the right side of the page, as these will provide all the granularity and functionality that you’re looking for.
  • When you first log in, you’ll arrive at the Overview tab where you’ll see any important announcements, as well as a quick glance at your app’s revenue and usage over the last few days.

3. Register your Apps

  • While still on the Overview tab click on Applications
    • Alternatively, you can register an app by clicking on the plus (+) button in the upper left hand corner or by going to the Account tab followed by Applications on the bottom right of the page.
  • You’ll notice that you can enter in your app details in one of two ways: by searching for it on the App Store, or by entering it in directly.
    • If your app hasn’t gone live yet or you’re having trouble locating it on the App Store (i.e. you launched it on an international App Store or are registering an Android app), simply click “Let Me Enter the Details.”

4. Enter in your Information 

Most important tip: Be thorough when registering your apps. Not all the information on the app registration page is mandatory, but the more info you provide, the more insight networks will have into your app–and more insight means more access to better and higher paying campaigns.

App Description – the most important bit of information you can enter

    • Your app name and description are used to create app lists, which our AdOps team utilizes to showcase your apps to brands and networks, in order to help secure exclusive opportunities and sponsorships for you
    • Writing the word “description” or just a few random characters in the description field will severely impact your chances of being featured in an app list and may inhibit you from capturing more ad dollars

Description Do’s:

    • Be detailed but concise
    • Immediately list exactly what the application does/features
    • Mention any achievements, distinctions, or awards
    • List any download milestones
    • e.g., over 5 Million downloads in it’s first week, currently # 1 in 10 different countries; 1 Million daily active users)

Description Dont’s:

    • Use a generic description or copy the same description you used for the app store
    • Write it in a foreign language or include special characters like: &*^$%#!@
    • Pass up the opportunity to really upsell your app to networks, by filling in the bare minimum

AppStore Information / Android Market Information

    • This field is for the iTunes URL and/or the Android Package ID of your app
      • Certain networks require that your application be live before they provide final approval
      • If your application isn’t currently live, you can still register your application and sign up for ad feeds, but be sure to input this information later, when you app does go live

5. Set-up Ad Feeds (plug into the matrix!)

Once you’ve registered your applications, you’ll notice their names are populated in a drop down menu located just below the Mobclix logo.

      • Select an application and then click on the Services tab.
        • The first time you do this, you’ll be prompted to choose the platform and ad size you’d like to begin advertising.
          • Subsequently, you can always click on an app’s name, followed by the Services tab, and then Setup (located on the right hand side underneath the Advertising section) to edit your existing feeds or add new ones later on.
      • No matter what platform and ad unit you select, you’ll be asked a few basic questions regarding it’s setup, including:
        • Whether or not you’d like to run ads.
          • The only time you’d check ‘no’ is if you were setting an app to utilize analytics and/or custom ads
        • Refresh time – how often you’d like an ad displayed
          • This can significantly impact your overall performance and revenue generation.
          • We typically recommend a refresh time of 30 – 60 seconds, but feel free to touch base with an account manager to help identify what the optimal rate for your app is, based on its category, ad placement, user flow, etc.
        • Rich Media
          • We’ve actually transitioned the majority of our rich media offerings from Autoplay to 300×250 and Fullscreen. For more info on these types of ads, simply click here.
          • We still continue to get remnant demand for Autoplay inventory, so if you’d like to be able to plug into those types of ads, feel free to enable Autoplay when registering your app.

Once you’ve selected these parameters, simply click save and your ad unit will be ready for ad network approval.

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