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For the first time in the Apple App Store history, books outnumber games, making books the biggest category in the store. The App Store has been ever-evolving since it’s conception. As both developers and iPhone owners discover new uses for apps for work, fun, and daily life we expect to see even more changes in the future.

Take a look at our current App Store data:

Mobclix App Store Data

Mobclix App Store Data

15 thoughts on “Books Outnumber Games in the App Store

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Author : Bryce

Amazon's Kindle is their top seller, so it must be a hot idea. Makes sense to me, that Apple would like to capture some of that market share. I do think that the number of down loads would be a better indicator of what is actually more popular.

Author : Top Smartphone e-Book Apps |

[...] now exceeding the number of games on platforms like Apple’s iPhone and iPod. According to Mobclix, there are more than 27,000 app-based books available on Apple’s App Store, with games [...]

Author : Why Pay For Pay Per Click

[...] Books Outnumber Games in the App Store | iPhone analytics, iPhone … [...]

Author : Andy Greene

The real question is how many books vs. games are being downloaded, not how many book vs. games are posted. That will be revealing trend data, and I agree this current data is interesting, but we cannot conclude anything from it.

Author : The Revolution Will Not Be Televised (but you can catch it on your iPhone) « RestInLight Media

[...] Will Not Be Televised (but you can catch it on your iPhone) Jump to Comments According to research from advertising company MobClix, the most numerous app category available on the iPhone is ‘Books’ rather than [...]

Author : Technology News Today | Books overtake games as most numerous iPhone apps

[...] available on the iTunes App Store passing the number of games for the first time. According to data released earlier this month by the mobile phone advertising company Mobclix, there are more than 27,000 books now available as apps. Games lag behind, with 25,400 published [...]

Author : iPhone Apps

well there is nothing strange, most of us use iPhone/iPad to read ebooks

Author : Are appbooks next to exit the App Store? | The Apple Core | ZDNet.com

[...] in the App Store. Last week Mobclix, which does mobile advertising for apps, reported that books now outnumber games in the App Store — representing 27,000 of the 150,000 [...]

Author : education evolution: tweaking mTextbooks

[...] how the iPad will revolutionize publishing and print industries comes a report that there are now more ebooks in the Apple App store than games– more than 26,500 free and paid book titles, representing 18% of the mobile content on the [...]

Author : megan

@thehumble1 We agree that one reason that books has outnumbered games is because developers have come up with easy ways to publish books. And yes iPhone certainly still has fewer books than Kindle, but we do think it's interesting that the books category has grown so much and so quickly

Author : cleondann

Thanks for the information. I love to read ebooks relevant to iphone applications and developing techniques.

Author : Books Now Outnumber Games in The App Store : Mobile Marketing Watch - The Pulse Of The Mobile Marketing Community

[...] the first time the game category has taken a back seat to any other. According to a report from Mobclix, an ad exchange provider for iPhone apps, the App Store currently offers approximately 26,5000 [...]

Author : thehumble1

First off, these stats are just stupid. The number of Apps doesn't really show what's trending. 8/10 top apps in the free category are games and 7/10 in the paid category are games. I don't see any books in either, nor reader apps. The real point is that with a few exceptions, none of these books are written for the iPhone. They are published books with an iPhone version. It's not that there is a huge demand for these books, just a really easy method of porting an already existing book to a new platform. For instance. the Kindle has 400,000 books available or approximately 15 times the number of Games that the App store has, so obviously the Kindle has a huge advantage over the App store. With Amazon having several million titles overall, it seems that the iPhone only carries a tiny percent of the books available, while it carries almost all of the apps available since it created and still drives the entire market. I don't see the value of this graph until it shows actual downloads AND time spent on the app.

Author : Books Now Outnumber Games on the iPhone – GigaOM

[...] to Mobclix, which does mobile advertising for apps, the number of books in the iTunes store now exceeds the number of games for the first time since the device was launched, making books the largest category in the store. [...]

Author : Keith Beucler

I've been seeing this trend for a while and I'm pretty excited about it. The upcoming release of the iPad will just continue this trend. My main concern is the impact that the iBookstore will have on app based books. There's been very little information on how open the bookstore will be to indie publishers. SInce iTunes is fairly closed to indie artists, I suspect books as apps will continue to be the model used by indie writers and publishers.


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