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It all started with a vision…” as CEO of Cloudburst Games, Ron Packard, Jr., started off with. 1.5 years later, and Cloudburst Games has over 1 million downloads and 7 different apps in the iTunes App Store–all made possible with a 6-person team. Their “Talking Nicky” app has especially received the most attention, and as her popularity–and the company’s–began to grow, with it was the need for a better financial system. That’s when Mobclix came in to play. But according to Ron, the real growth in the company lies in Mobclix’s latest payment program option: Advanced Payments.

It’s been a few months since Advanced Payments has launched, but in its early stages, we’ve already seen its positive affect on our participating publishers, Cloudburst in particular. We had the opportunity to sit down with Ron and the team to find out why they decided to sign-up, how his team members have benefitted thus far, and how the company has taken advantage of Advanced Payments to increase app production by 150% in the past month!


Why did you decide to get started with Advanced Payments?

Working with Mobclix and receiving Advanced Payments has allowed Cloudburst to see positive cash flow in a very timely manner. These funds are necessary to our needs due to the company’s fast growth and long term goals in relationship to our business projections.

All of us participating in the app industry know that the possibility for increased popularity of a game can lead to huge revenue. Any time we can process payments into our coffers faster we are allowed the agility to focus on our growth and where we want to take our product next.

That is what working with Advanced Payments has done for Cloudburst. It simply makes sense in our existing business model, and within this fast paced industry, to process incoming payments as quickly, efficiently, and safely for us (and for the user) as possible.

Which payment plan did you choose & why?

That was a matter of long discussion for our staff here at Cloudburst Games, and quite frankly it was a difficult decision. We made the call to go with the Net 15 program. I can tell you this: from our standpoint and with our staff, the Net 15 payment plan was very easy for us to administrate. It was simple, it was current, it was accurate, and it made our lives easier by taking the guess work out of payment processing.

How long have you been using this payment method, and how has it helped improve your apps, downloads, and overall business?

Cloudburst has been working with Mobclix for a very happy six months. Up until the point when we started using the Net 15 payment plan we were paying all of our contractors independently. As Cloudburst began to really take off, it was difficult for us to handle incoming invoices and outbound monies efficiently. Enter Mobclix to save the day.

The Advanced Payments program has made us much more comfortable funding projects with relationship to development. We have some amazing plans in the works right now, including awesome new apps that we know the industry will embrace, and we couldn’t have done it without a better grip on our inbound and outbound finances.

What is the biggest improvement you’ve seen by choosing your Advanced Payments plan?

Overall, the Net 15 payments made processing cash in and cash out much more streamlined. As a business we are happier, contractors are happier, and everyone is getting paid on time. What this translates to, is our team having the opportunity to focus on our product, on being visionaries, and on growing our company, rather than worrying about finances.

The Advanced Payments program ultimately bought us the peace of mind and freedom to concentrate on creativity and fulfilling our business plan–and then some.

Any words of encouragement for publishers unsure of this new type of payment?

I would just like to re-emphasize that working with Mobclix has allowed Cloudburst Games to grow into the successful business we dreamed it could be back in 2010. Mobclix is very stable, safe, and efficient. Their ability to process payments into a business’s register is invaluable in so many ways, and I would recommend them to any company that is looking to increase cash flow and expand their business.

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