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Holiday Checklist for Mobclix Developers

Sumit Business Dev | Mobclix
December 6, 2012


While you’re getting ready to hang the stockings with care and drown yourself in industrial strength Egg Nog, be sure to check out a few simple tips designed to crank up the holiday cheer – in terms of your eCPMs that is – from now until the end of the year.


iOS Devs

1. Update to the latest SDK.

–SDK updates usually mean increased performance and enhanced stability, so we always recommend keeping up-to-date with any major releases. But 6.0.1, specifically, incorporates a number of enhancements that make all of our network partners compliant to recent changes in Apple’s Terms of Service.

–More importantly, we’ve begun beta testing with several new marquee partners and tier 1 demand sources, whose inventory you’ll only be able to access via the latest SDK version.

  • While we’ll be making a more formal announcement shortly, updating to the latest release means you’ll have first crack at premium inventory in time for the holiday season, and won’t have to worry about pushing out another update come Q1.


2. Make any necessary changes before the iTunes Connect freeze.

–Apple’s hardworking elves and elvettes need a break too, and this year their mini-hibernation occurs December 21st – 28th.

  • That means all updates, ranking changes, and iTunes Connect data pulls will need to occur before then–if you don’t want to be left out in the cold during the busiest app downloading time of year.


Android Devs

1. Make sure you’re displaying ads that you’re requesting.

–Most devs see their volume increase during this time of year, and assume it’s just par for the course. But, if you’re calling/pre-loading ads in the background, you could actually be artificially inflating your volume, diluting your CTR, and robbing yourself of higher CPMs.

–While this can occur on all platforms, it’s particularly prone to occurring on Android.

–Help safeguard your CTR this winter by checking out a few integration do’s and don’ts from our Head of Android Development!


Tablet Devs

1. Push out those tablet apps – ASAP!

–If you’ve ever thought about porting your app over to tablet – now is the time to do so. Advertisers and brands can’t get enough tablet specific inventory, and no time of year is that more apparent than the holidays.

–Whether you’re talking about the iPad, Kindle, Nook, or any one of the dozen or so most popular Android tablets, these ultraportable gifts of choice remain a coveted screen that advertisers are clamoring (except the Playbook…nobody cares about the Playbook, sorry RIM).


All Devs

1. If you’ve registered an ad unit, sign up for all available networks now!

–Regardless of whether you choose to send your traffic to a particular network or not, signing up for networks now means we can help expedite your approvals and ensure you’ll have access to as much inventory as possible throughout the rest of the year.


2. Enable Automatic Optimization.

–Leading into, during, and around the holiday season, the number of burst campaigns we see climbs dramatically.

  • The flights associated with burst campaigns typically range from a day to a weekend, and there’s often little prior notification that such a campaign will be launching.


–In order to guarantee delivery over shorter durations, rates tend to be significantly higher than longer flights.

–Enabling automatic optimization means that the Mobclix yield optimizer can help fill your inventory with these types of campaigns the moment they’re launched.

–Via manual optimization, you might not notice increases in overall CPMs and be able to adjust volume accordingly, until it’s too late.


3. Inject some holiday flavor into your upcoming apps/updates.

–A large portion on the exchange can see north of 60% of their yearly revenue generated from the month of December alone.

–Apps that release holiday specific updates or seasonally exclusive content tend to see the highest level of downloads and engagement during this period.


4. Leverage the Knowledge Base and Support Portal to your advantage.

–We are huge social media junkies, and love hearing from publishers on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and everything in between, but in order to help get your questions answered as quickly and efficiently as possible – be sure to submit a support ticket.

–Before reaching out we encourage all developers to first take a quick look at the Knowledge Base to see if your question has already been answered, and if it hasn’t, we’d like to request you submit a support ticket with as much information as possible, as tickets allow us to properly track concerns and ensure that the right individuals are looped in.

  • Anything from payments and onboarding to placement best practices and integrations can be answered promptly via a support ticket.


–Even during the holidays, we strive to get responses out in < 24 hours, but if you don’t hear from us right away, feel free to follow up on the ticket before trying to reach out some other way.


And there you have it–one holiday checklist that you don’t have to write out. We hope this helps fuel you through the last month of the year, and if you have any questions, feel free to comment below or email us at support@mobclix.com!


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