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Increasing eCPM With Mobclix: A Case Study

Barbara Social Media Manager
July 28, 2011

iSocialize was featured by Apple in last year’s “iTunes Rewind” as one of the Top 10 best Social Networking apps, and also deemed one of the All0Time Top apps in the “10 Billionth app download” campaign. Before iSocialize became a big hit in the App Store, however, creator, Paolo Perazzo, wanted to make sure he was getting the best CTR & highest eCPMs in order to make his app profitable–here’s how he did it.


iSocialize is an iPhone app that allows users to easily share any multimedia content from the web via Facebook, Twitter, MMS, SMS & e-mail–all in one place. Not only that, but iSocialize gives you access to embedded quotes, jokes, virtual gifts, music and much more, all for free! After seeing some great results from the iPhone app, we here at Mobclix gathered some best practices from Paolo Perazzo, CEO of SiVola and creator of the app, and Gianluca Mardente, lead iOS developer, to ask how they used Mobclix to maximize their mobile advertising results, and increase their click-through-rate (CTR) up to 67X since launch!

1) Less is Better: Reducing Ad Quantity Can Earn you More!

Paolo first designed a free version of his app on top of the paid one, and in doing so, incorporated in-app ads to earn money. Within the first month, he experienced very high impressions per day, but was getting very poor CPM rates, at $0.05, and his CTR was extremely low, at 0.07%. The main faults for the low CTR? Too many ads. There are multiple applications within iSocialize, and on certain applications were 2 ads. The excessive amount of ads accounted for high impressions, but no clicks. Paolo decided to reduce the number of ads to 1 per page, resulting in the impression count drastically reducing by three times the impressions per day–and, more importantly, the CTR doubled and revenue increased between 2X – 2.7X!

2) Tweaking Implementation: Better Ad Units, Refresh Time and Analytics

Wanting to improve his ad performance even more, Paolo turned to his Mobclix support team, Shobeir Shobeiri, who suggested he read a recent blog post from Mobclix: How to Increase Your Click-Through Rate. Paolo not only read it–he utilized a number of points in the post that dramatically increased his revenue, which we’ll dive into below.

Paolo saw the highest return with CPMs, up to almost 10X that of a standard banner ad, and CTR skyrocketed to 5-10% just by using this methodology. He placed full-screen ad units on his apps at the end of the sharing cycle; for example, after a user would send a message on Facebook, the full-screen ad unit would appear, which was least disruptive to the user. He also let users unlock premium features like YouTube or Music players by displaying a full screen ad. Not only are full screen ads more engaging for users, but they also pay at a higher premium.

Initially, refresh times on the ads were set at 15 seconds. Following the advice from the Mobclix blog post, Paolo increased the time between each ad to 30-45 seconds, which greatly helped to improve the CTR. Users are more inclined to click if they have time to process the ad and aren’t bombarded with 4 ads per minute.

Paolo and his team wanted to make sure they understood which ads were performing better on which pages. Gianluca used Mobclix to help measure and track which ads were most effective, to then improve their ad placement strategy. More specifically, he used 2 Mobclix API’s to:

1. Count the number of times an ad was loaded on a specific page, using adViewDidFinishLoad()


2. Count the number of times an ad was clicked on a specific page, using adViewWillTouchThrough()

Every time an ad was loaded, they used Mobclix analytics to keep track of the cumulative data—number of impressions, number of ads clicked, and which ads displayed were clicked on which particular pages.



By reducing the amount of ads, implementing full-screen ad units, increasing refresh time and carefully tracking ad performance, Paolo and Gianluca not only ended up with the most relevant ads for each page within the app, but their CTR increased up to 67X, translating to an overall CTR of 4.7%, and their CPM rate increased as high as 28X!

In a nutshell, Paolo chose to work with Mobclix due mostly to the network optimization, seamless integration (iAds in particular), and the overall ease of use. More importantly, he was impressed that “it works the way you [they] market and sell it!”


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