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The Droid has been hyped as the next big thing. Verizon’s most recent ad featured the Droid as if it were an alien attack and made a big deal of it’s “drop date.” Well the day has finally arrived and we’re curious to hear your opinions. Are you going to get a Droid? Are iPhone developers going to switch over to Android development?

TechCrunch recently reported that all the hype didn’t produce any lines at the Verizon store. Seems like a let-down but maybe Droid sales will pick up. I’m curious to hear what the numbers for this first weekend will be.

We got a chance to play around with one here at Mobclix and I have to say, it’s no iPhone, but it’s pretty sweet. The screen clarity is much better – HD YouTube videos look beautiful on the Droid. The interface is fairly intuitive, but there’s no multi-touch. And, of course, no one could ever beat Apple or the iPhone for pure beauty in terms of look and UI. I’ll be sticking with my iPhone, but the Droid seems like the next best thing.

The Android Marketplace (the equivalent of the Apple App Store) is fairly limited right now, but we imagine it’ll grow. We’re looking into getting some great Android stats for you guys, but in the meantime check out the side by side pic of the Droid and an iPhone.

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Author : cw

I will definitely be focusing my development towards Android. Apple has just plain grown too big for their britches. I have had apps waiting for approval in the app store for over 2 months! That is ridiculous. You are going to find that more and more developers will be creating a lot more apps for Android than for the iPhone in the very near future. My last two projects have been using the latest release of the Android SDK and the next two will be as well. In regards to the "beauty and UI" look for developers to help out in that arena. There are a lot of very imaginative developers and users out there who I know will create some very "beautiful" UI's. We are no longer stuck with what I consider to be a very boring UI that is being forced down every iPhone users throat.


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