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LeBron James: Five Cities…Five iPhone Apps

Laura Director, Marketing
July 8, 2010

Originally Published on Huffington Post

With Spain and the Netherlands set to square off, World Cup fever is at an all time pitch.

After July 11th, the world will have its first European champion to win outside of an European held World Cup, and vuvuzelas across South Africa will sound, in triumphantly annoying glory, the end of another controversial laden, upset invoking, football clenching World Cup.

But before that goes down, an equally epic battlefield is being set; 5 teams, one player, and the competitive landscape of professional basketball all hang in the balance.

Think the frenzy leading up to LeBron James’ announcement as to which team the most highly anticipated free agent of all time has chosen to call home for the next several years has been overrated? Try telling that to the millions of fans who will be tuning into the primetime ESPN special tonight to catch every glorious second of his highness’ decree.

Throughout the entire process, King James has been incredibly tight-lipped despite some world class wooing by actors, musicians, mayors, and millionaires, and while there hasn’t been a shortage of analysis and speculation, we wanted to take a look at which apps James might consider downloading once he’s made his final decision.
Miami Heat – What 2 Ride Walt Disney World Edition

After that all but guaranteed championship with the Heat, James’ next great decision will come in the form of deciding on which ride he should go on first with his two new favorite teammates, Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh, when he visits Disney World during his post championship tour.

The Urbanspoon of amusement parks, What 2 Ride is a veritable must have for anyone visiting the park looking to maximize enjoyment while minimizing travel time. Find all the info about your favorite rides and helpful suggestions regarding which attractions to visit next. At a price of $0.00, he won’t even have to dip into his $100M salary to download it.

New York Nicks – Hotel Mogul HD

A self-proclaimed disciple of Warren Buffet, LeBron James is always looking to flex his muscles in the board room as much as he does on the basketball court. Now, he can get his Donald Trump on by downloading Hotel Mogul HD for the iPad.

Buy and sell properties, develop new markets, and watch his holdings climb to the top, as James transcends endorsements and salary caps to build a New York sized real estate empire. And just like the real market, where prices fluctuate wildly, the price of the app recently climbed to $6.99 from $1.99 just two days ago.

Chicago Bulls – OpenTable

With teammates named Rose and Boozer, chances are James would be hitting the town from time to time if he chose to go to Chicago, and one of the must have apps for any budding foodie has to be Open Table. With the ability to quickly search through and make reservations at hundreds of Chicago hotspots, LeBron will never have trouble finding a great place to eat, although another championship ring might be out reach if he travels to the windy city.

LA Clippers – GQ

Unlikely as it may seem at this current late stage in the game, were LeBron James to venture out to La La Land it wouldn’t be long before Hollywood started calling. He’s already made a cameo on Entourage, what’s not to say he won’t heed the acting bug and start moonlighting in Tinsletown (Blue Chips sequel anyone)?

At $4.99 an issue, GQ delivers all the style tips, Hollywood happenings, and insider info any superstar athlete needs to succeed on the silver screen.

Cleveland Cavaliers – Pulse

Catch up on his reading, because what else is LeBron James going to do in Cleveland.

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