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Does Mobclix support iOS 4?
Of Course! The Mobclix SDK 4.0.4 contains all of the necessary tools for developers to build new applications for iOS 4 using XCode 3.2.3. We also provide backwards compatibility support for any developers who wish to target iOS 3.x using XCode 3.2.2.

I heard that existing applications with advertising are breaking when run on iOS 4, does this happen with Mobclix?
No. Mobclix has tested numerous applications on iOS 4 and there have been no problems.

iAd Support:


Does Mobclix support iAd?
Absolutely! We are currently putting the finishing touches on our Mobclix SDK 4.1.0 which will include full support for iAd. We have decided not to release this SDK upgrade until we can run through final tests using the new iPhone 4 device which is released on June 24th, so the SDK will be out shortly after that.


Will iAd be another ad network provider within your list of networks?
Yes. Users will need to sign-up for iAd directly with Apple using their iTunes Account and then use Mobclix to manage the delivery.

Can I serve both Mobclix and iAd in the same space within my apps and switch between Mocblix and iAd?
Yes! This is exactly what the Mobclix SDK 4.1.0 does for you. You don’t need to worry about the code to switch between iAd and other ad networks, it will all be handled seamlessly by the Mobclix SDK.

So do I send the ad call to iAd or Mobclix?
Make the ad call to Mobclix and our SDK will automatically know when to call iAd based on the settings you make on the Mobclix dashboard. The Mobclix SDK will act like a wrapper around iAd and will intelligently switch between the two based on the optimization settings that you control.


If we call Mobclix and you serve the iAd is it the same eCPM as if we natively implemented iAd?
Yes. The Mobclix SDK uses the native implementation of iAd, so you will receive the exact same ad banners and revenue that you get from calling iAd directly. You will be paid directly by Apple and as always, Mobclix NEVER takes money from developers.

How much money will I make from iAd?
It really comes down to the performance and fill rate of your application for iAd advertisers. Published average rates from Apple for iAd are $10 CPM along with a $2 CPC; however, fill rates are expected to be low, so your app can utilize Mobclix’s other networks to fill the remainder of your ad requests.

In what order will ads be served to my app, will iAd always be first?
This is completely up to you and under your control! Mobclix allows for you to adjust your ad network priority and allocation anyway that you’d like. Considering that iAd is expected to yield very high eCPMs, we recommend keeping iAd set to your #1 network and using the rest of our networks when iAd doesn’t have an ad for you. This will ensure that you take full advantage of iAd; while still making the most of the ad requests that iAd can’t fill. After your app is on the AppStore and running, you can fine tune and tweak the optimization settings via our dashboard!

What happens if iAd does not have an ad available for me when I make a request?
This is exactly where the Mobclix exchange can help you maximize your revenue by giving you absolute control over your inventory. The Mobclix optimization system will automatically rollover to additional ad networks in the event that iAd does not have an ad available.

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Author : Cool Free Apps

Just the post I was looking for.. I was a bit confused as to whether or not iAd is 'optimized' as with other networks after reading this in the iAd network details: "Automatic optimization of your advertising revenue is not available with Open Allocation at this time." But, it's good to know it IS being optimized.. I'm assuming from this post, that if I set iAd to 100% allocation and ads aren't available, Mobclix will roll over to the next, highest-paying network. Good stuff!

Author : Bearwin Malone

I’ve been using Mobclix for months already and I cannot see any problem. Unlike other apps that breaks down when run on iOS 4. BTW, thanks for the infos.

Author : Pat

Thank you for this FAQ type of post. Very helpful and informative. Would probably bookmark this!


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