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Mobile Search: All You’ll Ever Need, Right In Your Hands

Drakatos Product Mktg Manager
July 3, 2012

There is a huge possibility that while you read this you will pick up your phone and do a search on the topic of this post. Even if you don’t do it now (thanks for paying attention), you will on your way back home, while watching TV, listening to music or when you are out with friends. And that’s because the way we research the internet or find information we need has changed. Mobile phones have made a great impact on our day-to-day research activities either at home through our tablets, or on the move via our smartphones.


Just look at the numbers; almost half of users check and interact with their mobile phones over the mobile web while watching TV where 29% check information about the program and 19% check information about the commercials they see. According to a study conducted by Covario, mobile users are as much as 30% more engaged when looking up product catalogues and watching promotional videos and advertisements than desktop users. Given all this, brands should rethink how they market their products and reach out to their audiences.


So how do users conduct their mobile search and what engines do they use? Based on a recent report across all mobile operating systems and devices Google mobile holds the largest market share with 91.7% followed by Yahoo! with 5.02%. But other mobile search platforms are on the rise: a new mobile site search engine has made its presence enabling marketers and consumers to better research the web and retrieve mobile friendly information at their fingertips. Everything.Me researches the web based on keywords, providing users with mobile optimized information that they can comfortably access through their mobile device. In other words if the brand or the product you are looking for is not on Everything.Me, then it is not optimized for the mobile space.





So what can marketers do to take advantage of the proliferation of mobile search? Here are five areas we need to consider for a state of the art, top notch mobile search strategy:


  • Product visibility – Make sure your product or brand is visible and stands out from the crowd by incorporating SEO marketing strategies and adding keyword tags to your product and brand that will make the user’s search journey seamless. Your brand needs to be prominent in the first couple of search results–users tend to alter the keywords or visit other sites and competitor’s properties if the result they are looking for is not found on the first result page of their search.
  • Mobile store – Develop an easy to use, mobile optimized store with a seamless and accessible mobile shopping experience that will take at most 3 steps for your consumers to find what they’re looking for. Velti’s experience has shown that drop-out rates tend to increase on the second and third step/page of the browsing experience.
  • Interactivity – As mentioned above, mobile web searching and browsing activities are higher at home when users watch TV. People perform searches on the advertised products and expect a rich post-click experience in return; an interactive campaign can create 3 times the buzz around a specific product. Such was the case in an Old Navy campaign Velti implemented through Shazaam where users would use the app to scan and tag the audio of commercials and be rewarded with mobile coupons and mobile content.
  • Accessibility – Making your brand or product accessible anytime, anywhere and from any device is a huge priority and tactic marketers need to consider. With hundreds of devices and various mobile OS, the need for accessibility is important. Users expect to retrieve the same information regarding a brand on any device, and with the same ease of use and environment.
  • Engagement – Brands and agencies have spent vigorous amounts of money to build their online presence. Screen scrapping is now used  by a number of brands and retailers, enabling them to create a unique experience for all devices through online and web. Screen scrapping is based on the notion that you only need to create a single destination and once the site is launched from a different device the design and layout adapts to the device layout.

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