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MRAID 2.0: Standardization, Plain and Simple.

Barbara Social Media Manager
July 16, 2012

When MRAID 1.0 was released last year, the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) and its Mobile Marketing Center of Excellence had reached its goal to simplify the process of creating rich media ads on mobile devices. MRAID, standing for “Mobile Rich-media Ad Interface Definitions,” allowed agencies to quickly and easily deliver their ad creative across applications from different publishers, without having to re-write programming behind ad creative for each campaign. But with the continued evolution of HTML5 over the past year, the IAB worked to fill crucial gaps with the release of MRAID 2.0 last week.


HTML5 has set out to streamline the creation of rich media properties, but since it isn’t always deployed consistently across devices or operating systems, MRAID 2.0 was designed to fill in the gaps & provide more consistency. Imagine if creatives were a physical good. It would be more difficult to deliver those goods to customers if people didn’t drive their trucks on the same side of the road or if railroads tracks were different widths in every city. In the online world, the de facto standard for rich media was Adobe flash. Advertisers could rely on the fact that 90%+ of browsers (and by extension, consumers) had a recent version of Flash. But since Flash isn’t available on the majority of mobile devices, what can advertisers do?


Ultimately, advertisers want to deliver their creatives to consumers, and these new standards will make it so that they don’t need to worry about the underlying technical infrastructure to do so. MRAID 2.0 is simply the mobile advertising industry agreeing on interfaces, features, and functionality so that creatives can reach as wide an audience as possible without having to worry about every advertising partner’s rich media capabilities!



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