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Must Have Movie Apps.

August 4, 2009

1. MovieLingo
Features: Movie Buffs would find no qualms with this app. It’s a dictionary, organized by era, genre, and so on, that contains countless famous movie lines, movie synopsis, and all things movie related! What’s more is you can manage your Netflix queue from this nifty app. Purchase online movies with this app? Not a problem, as well.

Why we love it: If you’re a casual movie watcher, or hardcore, Albert Hitchcock-loving movie devotee, you’ll be amused. If you want to just manage your netflix queue from the convenience of an app, here you go. The versatility found within this app will amuse and entertain all movie fans alike. Now I can even sprinkle in famous movie quotes into my blog posts! Hurray.


2. iRentMovie – Netflix Queue Manager
Features: search netflix and add to your queue like you would on your regular browser, but this time on the go. You get to view the top 100 lists, add and rate, and all that good stuff. As an added bonus you do get to watch trailers on Youtube.

Why We Love It: Come on, who has time to go on the Internet these days?! We’re always on the go, and when we get suggestions from friends to watch this movie or that movie, we’ll probably forget. But with this app, you can add it to your queue right then and there. Talk about convenience.


3. MoviesNow! Free
Features: The title says it all. Buy. Movie. Tickets. Now. “Designed with the iPhone in mind”, you can purchase tickets from anywhere. Purchase tickets on the go! Find, map, and go to local cinemas through this app. Browse current movies playing with a unique poster view. And get linked to review aggregators such as rottentomatoes or metacritic.

Why We Love It: Convenience, convenience, convenience. Why wait in line for Harry Potter when you can whip out your handy dandy MoviesNow! App, buy tickets, and be ahead of the game. Personally, I love the poster feature, too. I’m a posters geek.


4. i.TV
Features: Let’s face it, unless you can get an app that actually streams movies from theaters, movie apps can only go so far. That’s where i.TV comes in. Not only is it a TV, DVD, and Theater guide, it lets you manage your netflix, tivo, movietickets.com account, and even let you control your tivo to record shows remotely! Watch shows streamed to your phone, read up on celebrity bio, and lots lots more.

Why We Love it: The app packs in just about everything any entertainment enthusiast could want at any time. Figure out what shows you wanna watch tonight, what movie will playing at the theater tomorrow, who’s that new hottie in the movie you just saw, all in one free app!


5. Bruno
Features: Oh my. Who doesn’t want to manhandle Bruno? Featuring Austrian dirty talk, dress-up Bruno, and a whole lot more of Bruno themed utilities makes this a marketing beaut.

Why We Love It: I’ll let the picture do the talking.


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Author : MovieBuff

DVDLister should be added to this list. It is a must have for all movie collectors. It allows you to keep track of movies you own and the Dev. is really responsive to the community.


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