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NEW Mobclix Index: iPad Trend Data

Laura Director, Marketing
August 6, 2010

This Monday we released our first (of many) infographics in the Mobclix Index, a new monthly series of infographics based on our analytics and advertising platform. The goal is to shed light on the constantly shifting mobile ecosystem by illustrating new trends and findings about mobile platforms.

The July Index (featured in TechCrunch) provides key findings about advertising performance on the Apple iPad. Based on data resulting from the total number of iPad ads served (average 300MM impressions/month), the overall takeaway reveals increased engagement levels happening on gaming apps played on the iPad versus the iPhone.


Compatibility Matters: Out of the 295,488 iPhone apps currently available on the App Store, 284,989 apps are compatible on the iPad (as of 6/23)

Rich Media Needed To Increase Conversions: Compared to standard display banner ads on the iPad, rich media video ads have click-through rates that are 11 times higher.

Gaming Apps Continue to Dominate: Of the 15,547 iPad-specific apps, the Game category has 20 percent of the market share (approximately 3,109 apps, as of 6/23) on the App Store.

Advertisers Can Find More Engaged Users on iPad: The time spent by iPad users on their gaming apps is three times higher (about 10 minutes more) than iPhone users on the same app.

Developers Can Earn More from iPad Apps: On average, iPad apps can command eCPMs that are five times higher than that of iPhone apps.

Full PDF here.

Check back on our Index page every month to view and download the latest infographic.

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