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[POLL] iPhone4S, iPhone5 (eventually), or Jump Ship?

Barbara Social Media Manager
October 6, 2011

Months of hyping over Apple’s big announcement day, and we’ve finally come to the disappointing conclusion that there will be no iPhone5–yet. However, there are some interesting features in the iPhone4S model that might make consumers indulge in the new iPhone, available on October 14th.

We want to know what you thought about today’s Apple event. Disappointed? Excited? Impartial to the news? Getting the iPhone4S, or jumping ship? Take our poll below, and you’ll get the chance to win a $50 Apple Gift Card courtesy of Mobclix. Poll closes tomorrow, 10/5 at 11:59pm PT, and we’ll reveal the winner on Thursday!

Take Our Poll On Whether You Are Going With iPhone4S, iPhone5 or Jumping Ship! (CLOSED)


Here are the results:

1. What announcements were you most looking forward to this morning?

  • A glimpse at the iPhone 5 – 49%
  • Software improvements – iOS 5, better AI, photo/video editing – 16%
  • Anything new and exciting – 10%
  • Hardware improvements – better camera, faster processor, new look to the iPhone4S – 10%
  • iPhone4S actually being 4G – 6%
  • There was an announcement this morning? – 4%
  • iPhone coming to Sprint – 4%

2. What feature(s) on the new iPhone4S are you most excited about?

  • A5 Guts (faster processor/more RAM) – 35%
  • Siri Assistant – 35%
  • 8Mp Camera – 23%
  • CDMA/GSM capabilities – 5%
  • More Storage (64GB option) – 3%

3. What version iPhone do you currently own?

  • iPhone 4 – 71%
  • I don’t currently own one – 14%
  • iPhone 3G – 10%
  • iPhone 3 – 2%
  • iPhone – 2%

4. Which carrier do you have?

  • AT&T – 53%
  • Other Option – 36%
  • Verizon – 11%

5. For your next phone, do you plan to:

  • Get the iPhone4S – 43%
  • Wait for the iPhone5 – 39%
  • Jump ship and go Android – 18%

6. If you plan to buy the iPhone4S, will you pre-order?

  • No, I’ll buy it once the hype goes down – 44%
  • Yes – 41%
  • No, I’ll wait in line the day it becomes available – 15%

And the winner of a $50 Apple Gift Card is: John Fricker!

We will be contacting you shortly on details to receive your prize. Congrats, John, and thanks to everyone who took our poll!

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