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[RECAP] Mobile Monday SV: Make Money with Ad Mediation

Sumit Business Dev | Mobclix
May 10, 2012

Tuesday night, Google hosted another lively Mobile Monday meetup–but this time covering all things mobile ad mediation.

According to Mobile Monday SV, over 400 attendees were present at this event, including everyone from developers to ad networks to industry insiders, and our very own Director of Business Development at Mobclix, Adam Landis, was on hand to provide a comprehensive lay-of-the-land.


With Tapsense’s Gregory Kennedy moderating, Adam joined a top-notch panel featuring:

Elaine Szu | Director of Marketing, MoPub

Pater Baldwin | GM of Americas, Smaato

Thomas Price | Program Manager, Mobile Display Ads, Google

Manoj Malhotra | VP of Engineering, Consumer Mobile, Opera


Now, on to the good stuff. Highlights from the evening included discussions around:


What is Ad Mediation and why is it important?

Mediation is the process by which multiple ad sources are optimized to help garner higher rates and more targeted advertising for publishers.

TAKEAWAY: A single ad source or demand partner is seldom going to be able to deliver all the types of campaigns that your nuanced audience is going to expect, as your application grows in popularity and engagement. By incorporating multiple ad networks, you can hedge against over-saturation by the same types of ads and low eCPMs. Mediation layers provide the logic which allow you to easily commoditize your inventory, earn higher, true market rates for your supply, and deliver adverts that users are more likely to engage with.


What should I look for when choosing a Mediator?

1. SCALE – 5, 10, 100? How many demand sources are right for your application?

TAKEAWAY: As a rule of thumb – more ad sources generally means increased competition for your supply, which leads to higher rates. But chances are, if you’re just starting out and don’t have tremendous volume or reach yet, you may be able to skate by with just a few ad networks. As you grow, however, scale will become more important and you want to be sure to choose a solution that can deliver all the formats, geos, and high-paying campaigns you’ll need to succeed.


2. FLEXIBILITY – How easy is it to incorporate new demand partners or allocate your volume to various sources? Do you have to plug-in a separate SDK to run direct sales or cross-promote your apps? How easy is it to setup accounts with all these providers?

TAKEAWAY: The ability to easily consolidate and manage multiple ad networks is the hallmark of a good mediation solution. You shouldn’t have to work hard to get better rates (that’s why you’re working with a mediator in the first place–to do all the heavy lifting for you), so you can focus on building an awesome app.


3. SUPPORT – Is someone readily available to help with issues and answer q’s? Is it better to talk with someone or read a blog?

TAKEAWAY: Sometimes you just want to jump on a call and talk with someone. Some mediators make that painlessly easy, and some it make it unnecessarily hard – you won’t know if you need help until you actually need it, so it’s always important.



Advertising is dynamic and current mediators are growing at an incredible pace to help publishers earn as much revenue as possible. While many of them provide access to the same demand, they go about it in slightly different ways.  In order to fully understand which partner is going to be just right, the entire panel recommended you reach out and do a bit of homework to see which features are going to be most beneficial, and identify key differentiators which set them apart!



At Mobclix, we always love to hear from publishers and try to make it as easy as possible to get plugged in and integrated into the largest RTB mobile ad exchange. Flag us down at any of our events and we’d be happy to chat–but in the meantime, you can leave us a comment or reach us on Twitter @Mobclix!


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