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Ever wondered what the most expensive iPhone apps are? We’ve got the answers. From surveillance command centers to an app for car repair reports, we certainly hope these apps are as good as they claim because they sure are pricey. With the typical price for an app at $.99 and with only about .002% of apps selling for more than $50, these apps definitely break the App Store bank.

Want to buy our Top 10 list? It’ll cost you $4,169.90. Want to buy the 200 most expensive apps on the store? That’ll be $21,973.

1. iRa Pro - $899.99

Got $900 dollars you need to burn? There’s an app for that. iRa Pro functions as a mobile command center for your surveillance cameras. It allows multiple live video feeds and allows you to manage cameras through a digital management server. We didn’t try this app out for ourselves because we have no video surveillance system and no desire to spend $899.99 on one app, but we certainly hope it does a good job.

2. iRa Direct – $499.99

Video surveillance sure is pricey.

3. MATG – SAP BusinessOne – $449.99

Now I know why I have to pay my accountant so much. This app allows you to access financial and accounting information from the SAP Business One financial system.

4. MATG – Dynamics GP – $449.99
Similar to above, also integrates with financial software.

5. PDR Quote – $349.99

Business Management Software ideal for PDR or Auto mobile repairs that creates invoices from the iPhone. And darn good invoices, we hope. To top if off, there appears to be a lite version of this software available for free.

6. Mobile Cam Viewer Enterprise Basic Version- $349.99

Yet another video surveillance app.

7. iCar Quote – $349.99

Quotes and invoicing for car repair shops.

8. Lexi-Complete – $299.99

Lexi-Complete is a medical database available for doctors.

9. Lexi-Dental Complete – $299.99

A medical database for dentists.

10. Lexi – Select Medical Database – $219.99

Another medical database for doctors.

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Author : David Grant - North London Accountant

I find it rather worrying that people overall are heavily reliant on a piece of technology. And I am in utter disbelief that they have created very expensive apps, that no doubt, people are willing to pay for. I do agree with Philip on this one, someone out there is making a great deal of money, on these new ideas. There will certainly be an app for absolutely everything one day.

Author : Phillip

The problem here is not our understanding of who will be using the apps, but the very high app pricing. MAYBE the video apps are doing some heavy code lifting, but a few of these are just plain simple, and marked up because they are aimed at a price inflated industry. Justify it all you want, but making good tech inaccessible and saying "market forces made me do it" is lame. It did not cost that much to make, and someone is making ridiculous margins on the new technology...if they can sell is at that price. And clearly Adrienne, you can put a very high price on software that saves lives, like $899.99. That is a good reason for lowering the price if you ask me. Maybe use some open standards even. Capitolism doesn't respect tech abundance. Oh well.

Author : Adrienne

The problem here is not in the app pricing, but rather the understanding of who will be using the apps. Some of these apps are not targeted at the average Joe that visits the App Store. They are enterprise applications for corporate/team environments. The target market for the video surveillance applications (iRa Pro and iRa Direct) often spend anywhere between $100,000 to several million dollars on their video infrastructure (cameras, NVR’s, etc.) That would make the most expensive app at $899, iRa Pro, a very small percentage of the overall investment and an even smaller drop in the bucket when you consider the benefits remote video access and control provides. You can't put a price on software that is used to save lives. iRa is developed to provide real-time situational awareness for first responders, educational institutions, and government users. This is industrial strength software to extend video to professionals that can use this information to improve public safety. Hope that clarifies things a bit. :-) Disclosure: I am with the Lextech Global Services, the organization that developed iRa Pro and iRa Direct.


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