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Top 10 Apps for the iPhone 4S

Barbara Social Media Manager
October 31, 2011

From the exterior, the iPhone 4 and 4S don’t look any different. But take them apart, and the interior will tell all–showing how the 4S really sets the bar. A comparison breakdown chart from Engadget lays out key wins with the 4S: a5 processor, 8 megapixel camera, 1080p video, Siri, and more. If you have the 4S or are considering grabbing it, we’ve made a list of the top 10 apps that will best utilize the new features of iPhone4S!

Spotify – Free

Pandora who? When it comes to streaming music online, Spotify is the new hit app for that. With or out without a mobile connection, you’ll be able to listen your favorite tracks, create playlists, share on Facebook and with friends, and get access to 15 million tracks–that’s a lot of tracks. Download this app for FREE in the App Store!

Storie – Free

A picture is worth a thousand words–and the makers of Storie believe in just that. This newly featured “hot” app is designed to let you create a storybook of your life, with the simplicity of your iPhone. Start creating your life story by getting this app for FREE in the App Store today.

Remember the Milk – Free

Have fun managing your tasks with Remember the Milk. Not only does this app come in 20 different languages, but you can color-code your to-do list from highest priority to lowest, you can see what tasks are near you while you’re on the go, you can sync your tasks with Outlook, Gmail, Twitter, iCal and more, and you can even add tasks with Siri! Never miss a task with this FREE app, available in the App Store.

Jetsetter – Free

Itching for a vacation, but can’t go where you want because you’re on a budget? Jetsetter is the app for you. Usually a members-only community, Jetsetter is opening its doors to iPhone users for a limited time to test it out before joining. Get up to 50% off on all-inclusive vacations worldwide, at no monthly cost. Visit the App Store and grab this app for FREE to start planning your dream vacation today!

MailShot – Free

As their motto says, “Group Email Done Right!” MailShot is another app that integrates with iPhone’s newest addition, Siri Assistant. With this app, you’re able to create groups from your address book for quick group e-mails. It is the only app out that let’s you e-mail contact groups from many different apps, as if this were a built-in feature. Try this app out for FREE in the App Store.

NYTimes – Free

The NYTimes app is a great, standard news app for any iPhone user. Now equipped with more blogs, videos and slideshows, this app will keep you updated with what’s going on locally and worldwide. Recently updated for compatibility with iOS5, you can easily share articles on Twitter, as well as ease of access with automatic inclusion in the Newsstand folder. Get it for FREE in the App Store.

Gogobot - Free

Once you plan that dream vacation, you’ll need to download an app to document your travels–insert, Gogobot. Noted in Time Magazine, NY Times, and Travel & Leisure as the top travel app, Gogobot allows you to easily share your experiences with others, as well as read reviews from places you are thinking about seeing. But the coolest part? You can create your own customized postcards to share on Facebook, or send to friends and family! Download Gogobot for FREE in the App Store.

Talkapella – Free

No need to try and sing–just talk and listen to this app transform your voice into a beautiful harmonic bliss! Talkapella creates four different versions of your voice, re-creating great acapella tracks. Talkapella is simple to use, so be sure to grab this FREE app in the App Store!

Hipster – Free

If you’re into the Instagram, Hipstamatic, and other trendy photo apps, Hipster is the postcard app for you. Looking at the screenshots, this app allows you to create memories the “Hipster” way, with funky lighting, modern fonts, and an overall artsy, retro feel. Easily share your postcard on Facebook and Twitter, and tag your friends! Get this app for FREE in the App Store.

Infinity Blade – $5.99

Even though this is a paid game, you get tons of new content–for FREE! Infinity Blade is an amazing app that was created specifically for the iPhone 4S, utilizing it’s high-resolution and faster processor. With simple navigation, this game has the most incredible graphics we’ve seen, yet. So pick up this game for $5.99 in the App Store, and let us know what you think!

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