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Top 5 iPad Apps for a Bueno Cinco de Mayo

Sumit Business Dev | Mobclix
May 5, 2010

Like nachos, Erik Estrada, and the Macarena; Cinco de Mayo is a tradition whose roots may lie south of the border, but truly comes into its own in America.

Celebrating the victory of a few thousand resilient Mexican soldiers over a much larger, more powerful invading French contingent at the Battle of Puebla, the fifth day in May reminds us that there’s no challenge that can’t be overcome with determined perseverance and shear tenacity…especially when taxes are involved.

What does all this have to do with endless tequila shots and sombreros that double as nacho tray, keep reading to find out because we’ve rounded up cinco apps that will help you celebrate this Cinco de Mayo the way Benito Juarez intended for it to be celebrated – calientely!

Godfinger (Free)


For those times you need to scratch that tyrannical dictator itch without alerting the war crimes tribunals, we suggest firing up Godfinger. In a Pocket God meets Farmville sort of way, ngmoco has delivered another addicting virtual civilization that’s bound to have something for everyone. Despotic or merciful, progressive or laidback, you decide how your happy little world morphs and grows into a substantial planet. Plus+ integration means you’ll have no problem connecting with friends and keeping up with the Jones’, as you purchase new items and earn Awe points from your followers (whether through force or kind deeds). The ability to purchase points from iTunes means you’ll be able to keep the action moving along if you’re one of those overly ambitious, urban sprawl type developers, and need more tax revenue to keep your lofty design from sinking your planet in a corruption laden scandal/coup d’etat; apparently, my minions have learned what happened at on May 5, 1862 – thanks World Factbook.

170,000+ Recipes – Big Oven Lite (Free)

Big Oven iPad Screenshot

One of the best parts of this effervescent holiday has to be the food: diverse, rich, and quintessentially Latin. From buñuelos to tamales, Big Oven’s 170,000+ Recipes ensures that this year you’ll blow friends and family away with your seemingly endless repertoire of authentic Mexican dishes. The intuitive layout and extensive search features make it easy to discover new recipes; plus, the use up leftovers option will help you put all those avocados to good use the day after (Guacamole Smoothies anyone?). If you spring for the paid version ($9.99) you’ll have the ability to download and sync ingredient lists to a number of mobile devices as well as access to a full-featured glossary section, but for now the lite version is more than sufficient to fulfill the role of 21st century cookbook in our kitchens.

Cityseries (Free)

Citseries iPad ScreenshotYou’re jonesing for authentic fare but your not up for all the prep and hassle; no worries, time to hit the town. Powered by the excursionists at Citysearch.com, Cityseries has a minimalistic, polished feel that perfectly compliments the iPad. You’re not going to find the best place to get a lube job or extensive reviews on local dentists; Cityseries is all about showcasing a handful of great restaurants and clubs that are grouped together by holidays and occasions. Looking for the best place to a killer margarita or maybe you’re planning for a nice Mother’s Day Brunch like a good son or daughter, because you remembered Mother’s Day is this weekend – right? Cityseries is currently available for 10 major metropoli with additional support for more cities and more local spots being added every month.

Spanish Phrasebook with Audio – Conversational Spanish ($0.99)

Spanish Phrasebook iPad ScreenshotMuch like gaining an Irish accent on St. Patrick’s Day or a German disposition during Oktoberfest, Cinco de Mayo revelers tend to inject more Latin into their lexicon on this day compared to any other day of the year. With Spanish Phrasebook, you can brush up on enough essential Spanish so you don’t have to keep calling everyone amigo to fit in. Lacking the ability to perform direct translation, this app isn’t going to become your go to reference on you next vacation, but at $0.99 isn’t going to break the bank either. It will, however, help you perfect your accent with the ability to hear each word or phrase; so start rolling those R’s. Two phrases we feel are going to get a lot of use this year are: “Estancia sed mis amigos,” and “pero, yo no sé cómo ese burro consiguió intoxicado, jefe.” If you had downloaded the app, you’d already know what these mean –si? si!

The World Factbook for iPad ($1.99)

World Fact Book iPad Screenshot

Get your Jason Bourne on with the official CIA World Factbook App for the iPad. Impress that special someone at your next Cinco de Mayo party by listing Mexico’s major exports or reciting the national anthem backwards – oh snap. The glossy, knowledge soaked pages of the paperback version are well presented on the iPad but won’t cost nearly as much to own, with app currently running for $1.99. Apps like this one are leading the charge as to why some conisder the iPad the ideal netbook/E-reader hybrid students and adults can use to carry around and easily access loads of information. Downloading the app is certainly easier than carrying around 1,000 pages and updating it every few years, but that’s just my opinion.

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