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Top 5 iPhone Apps For Black Friday

November 24, 2009

Ah, Black Friday. Perhaps one of the greatest days to make that purchase you’ve been on the fence about. Perhaps on of the worst days, as well, because there are practically 400 people before you wanting to buy the same 52″ plasma t.v. you’ve been eyeing for months. Use this handy guide to make sure you’re getting the best deal out there! Because, of course, who doesn’t want a shiny new 52″ to watch some Monday Night Football?

1. TGI Black Friday – Ecatcher, Inc.

Features: picture-1Black Friday deals usually get leaked before hand, but it’s hard keeping up with who’s selling what and what the conditions are, and so on. Let TGI Black Friday do the hard work for you by collecting all the known deals out there and organizing it into one handy dandy app. You can even keep a checklist to keep yourself organized, and make sure you get to buy every last thing on your list. Did I mention this is a free app?

Every Nerd’s Wish List

Why We Love It: Personally, I can never remember all the things I want to buy on Black Friday. Also, I can never seem to find the deals I want for the things I want to buy. If I get both in one app, oh man, who knows how great my success will be on Black Friday, or how great my debt will be for that month’s credit card bill.


2. ShopSavvy – Big In Japan

Features: picture-2As the original bar code scanner, this app makes sure you find the best deal around, whether local or online, based off the products bar code. Yes, you heard me, barcode. Use the iPhone’s handy dandy camera, and “scan” the item. ISBN, UPC, and EAN are all supported, so you’re covered for virtually any product. Next thing you know, my grocer will be scanning my items with his iPhone. Is there anything this phone can’t do?

4.99! Take that, GameStop!

Why We Love It: It’s all about finding the best deals these days. As shown in the picture above, why drop over $30 bucks for something you can buy for $5 online? Now, you have the power to search and see whether or not the thing you’re buying is the best value.


3. Black Friday App – dealnews.com, Inc.

Features: An app made solely for the coveted holiday, Black Friday App features organized sections for your leisure. Search by store, product, and so on, while figuring out if a deal is a rumor or not, how long it goes for, etc. The deals are hand picked by dealnews.com, so a higher sense of legitimacy is maintained.

Why We Love It: While it does feature a lot of similar elements to TGI Black Friday, the care, organization, and polish in this one makes using it a whole lot easier. Plus, you can find locations to stores through this nap. Nifty.


4. Mall Maps – You Are Here – MEDL MOBILE

Features: picture-3A comprehensive and exhaustive list of malls (over 1,000 in 50 states!) with their floor plans are at the touch of your fingertips in this app. Want to map out your game plan? Use this handy dandy app; figure out your route, and go. Store in your local plaza doesn’t have it? Use this app to find another nearby mall that may have it.

This entire map would be blue if it referred to my lady friend’s shopping map.

Why We Love It: Truth be told, I can’t stand going to one mall on Black Friday. But, I’m not too familiar with the other malls in the area, and don’t want to spend upwards to an hour in another mall looking for one store. I can bust this app out, map my routes, and be done with the hectic day. Useful much? Yes.


5. Target – Target

Features: My fanboy colors are coming out here. This valuable app is essentially Target in your pocket. Beside the obvious store locator, deal locator, and many other features commonly found in brand apps such as this, you can also manage your registries and lists.

Why We Love It: Come on, it’s Target! When have you not gone in to Target and not found something you didn’t need?! At least this way, you can see weekly deals and find one that’s close to you. And since black Friday is upon us, might as well look at the deals now thanks to this app.


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Author : Liz

I think ShopSavvy is great :) Loved it when I first heard about it on Android. Can't wait to use it this holiday season!


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