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Top Apps to Help Keep Your Resolutions

Allyson Marketing Associate
January 26, 2012

The first month of the New Year is almost over and we, like everyone else, have one question in mind: are you still on track with your New Year’s Resolutions? Have you been diligently hitting the gym to shed off that holiday weight? Have you been carefully measuring your portions and counting calories to make sure you’ve been eating healthy? Have you been more organized with your schedule and on time to all your meetings?

Ok, that was more than one. But before you either give up on your resolutions entirely, or be even more on top of your resolutions, we’ve compiled a list of apps to make sure you stay on track with your goals—whether it be fitness, health, or something else!


Nike Training Club – Free

Too lazy to make it to the gym today? With the Nike Training Club app, you can have your own personal trainer anytime, anywhere. The app features full body 30 minute workouts or more professional variety workouts for 15 minutes each. Choose from over 130 workouts to achieve your goal, with clear photos and video demos help you make sure you have the right form. And of course, set your workouts to music already on your phone and the audio will prompt you when to switch! Start your training now for FREE in the App Store.


GymPact – Free

Resolved to save some money AND work out more this year? Kill two birds with one stone—kind of—with the GymPact app. Simply commit to going to the gym a certain number of days a week; but if you skip out on the gym, you are charged $5. The idea is that cash incentives for concrete things can be very effective. The app will track your trips to the gym when you check in to your location once you arrive. If you’ve been good, you can even get paid with cash, which comes from your lazier peers who missed the gym. Think you can keep your promise? You better! Get the app for FREE in the App Store!


Fooducate – Free

You’re at the grocery store and want to buy some healthier items. Low-fat, sugar-free, high-fiber—with so many options, how do you know what is best for you? With the Fooducate app, you simply scan the product barcode and instantly get the health value graded from A to D. In addition, it will show healthier alternatives or comparison scanning. Start shopping healthier, and get the app for FREE in the App Store or Android Market.


Calorie Counter Diet Tracker by Myfitnesspal – Free

Need the help of your friends and peers to keep you in check? MyFitnessPal is a community oriented site to help you lose weight and keep track of fitness goals. With the Calorie Counter Diet Tracker, you can track your food intake, monitor your level of activity, and set daily calorie goals. The progress screen will calculate how many calories you’ve burned by entering your weight and duration of exercise, helping you stay on top. Keep track of your fitness goals for FREE in the App Store or Android Market!


Big Change — $2.99

You’ve got things you want to accomplish this year, so get them done with the help of Big Change! How? First, set up accounts to accept self-set cash rewards for milestones that bring you closer to your goal. Next, set up 8 preset goals and one custom goal. Each goal allows you to specify a monetary goal and smaller monetary rewards as you get closer to your achievement. All these transactions are self-input and on the honor system. You can visually keep track of your progress and get motivational push messages to cheer you along the way. Get on your way to change for $2.99 in the App Store today!


Bloom* — Free

Ever get too caught up in life to appreciate the subtler, quieter moments? With Bloom*, you set reminders for yourself that will randomly pop up. Each “bloom” is associated with digital inspiration—a photo or song—making your reminders more than just reminders, but moments to reflect on and enhance your life. You can set private blooms with a significant other, group blooms for your close friends, and public blooms to be spread on your social networks. See your goals bloom for FREE in the App Store.


reQall – Free

If getting more organized is at the top of your resolutions list, meet reQall–the app that serves as the ultimate memory aid and executive assistant. To add a reminder, simply speak into your phone and you will soon get an email with the recorded message in text format and audio file. The text will also appear in the app’s RSS feed and portal, chat and calendar to-do item. If there’s a time and date in the recording, the reminder will show up at that time and date. Remember anything and everything, for FREE, in the App Store or Android Market!


PageOnce Money & Bills – Free

Bills, bills, bills. From your electric bill to your water bill to your cell phone bill to your credit card bill—the stress of keeping your financials in order never ends. With PageOnce Money & Bills app, you can keep track of and manage your bills, credit cards, bank accounts and investments. Push notifications and email alerts and reminders ensure that you never miss a bill and are always paying on time so you avoid late fees. Grab the app for FREE in the App Store or Android Market, and be on your way to better financial health!


Quitter – Free

Smoking, overeating, nail-biting—we’ve all got our vices. You want to kick the habit for the New Year, and we have just the right app for you. Quitter lets you track your progress in whatever bad habit you’ve decided to drop. The main focus is on how long since it has last been since you indulged and how much money you save because of your progress. Simply add the units consumed per day and the cost of the unit to see how you’re doing. You can also share your success with friends on your social networks as well as add inspirational images to keep you focused. End your addiction NOW, and download Quitter from the App Store today!


Sleep Cycle – $0.99

You’ve pulled an all-nighter and now you’re grumpy and cranky for the rest of the day. Getting a good night of sleep is vital for how you function during the day and with the help of Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock you can be well on your way. The app will monitor your sleep patterns as you move between lighter and deeper sleep cycles, and wakes you up at a point of light sleep within your target “wake-up window”. How does it do this? With the accelerometer in your phone, it will track your movement throughout the night and that indicates what cycle of sleep you’re in. You can even view how your sleep patterns change throughout the night. Grab this in the App Store for only $0.99 today—Sweet Dreams!

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