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We’re Giving Away an iPad at iPadDevCamp!

Sumit Business Dev | Mobclix
April 16, 2010

That’s right everyone it’s that wonderful time of year again; spring cleaning – for your wallet!

If filing taxes has gotten you feeling light headed in you back pocket, come on down to somewhere where everyone knows your name (probably not) and discover new ways to increase revenue and minimize hassle when it comes to monetizing your apps!

Sure, more revenue means you’re eventually going to have pay more taxes, but frankly I didn’t think this intro all the way through because I’m way too excited for iPad Dev Camp.

In addition to sponsoring the event for the 3rd year in a row, Mobclix is also proud to be sponsoring the prize for Most Monetizable iPad Application with…wait for it…an iPad!

Steve Jobs with iPad

Not sure what Most Monetizable iPad Application entails, than join us tonight at 8:00 p.m. when resident Biz Dev guru and monetization jedi, Nitin Chitkara, talks about all things mobile monetization and highlights the tools developers need to help their apps jump to the tops of their respective app stores (could it have something to do with our ridiculously awesome iPad SDK – you’ll have to come by to find out). So just remember – Fireside C is the place to be by 8:30, if you’d like to chat it up post presentation.

Check out the official contest rules and rundown here, and stop by anytime because the Mobclix crew will be out in full force all three days.

Update: Anyone who registers an iPad app with Mobclix between now and 11:59 p.m. PST on the 18th and anyone in general who helps get the word out about what we’ve got in the works for iPhone, iPad, and Android, will be entered into a separate Mobclix only contest.

We haven’t finalized the prizes yet, but we can guarantee – the greater the feedback, the bigger and better the prizes will be.

How about some top shelf Mobclix swag or exclusive tickets to upcoming events like WWDC. If we get enough people to participate, we may even be inclined to award out another iPad.

iPadsWhatever the case may be, jump up on Twitter, man those Facebook pages; bust out the smoke signal kit if you have to but let’s get the word out that there’s a storm a-brewin’ at Mobclix and we’re going to make it rain (monies)!

We’ve got plenty of iPads to giveaway – so sign up today!

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Author : Marina O.

Following and tweeting @iFresa and I'm a fan on facebook :) Thanks for doing such an awesome giveaway and good luck to everyone!

Author : abitnerdy

Reading this got me all really worked up! :) iPad Dev Camp looks awesome. Keep it up and thank you for the opportunity Mobclix!!

Author : Claudia Mcgee

thanks for the chance to win :) making smoke signals and tsunami waves - lol :) @cdmtx65

Author : victoria lester

Great Giveaway. Still hoping to win one. I'm victoria99999 on twitter.

Author : Jill Hayes

Following and tweeting @jillyrh

Author : Matt Udland

Thanks for the contest - I'm gonna share all over the place :)

Author : Vegas Liz

Sharing on Facebook too! Vegas Liz

Author : Liz @VegasLIz

tweeting about it!

Author : Jerry Lafferty

If you've got an ipad to give away, let me get in line first. I will post it, tweet it, and send out smoke signals! Whatever it takes to win one because I certainly can't afford to buy one! And I want one BAD!!


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