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Words of Wisdom on Hiring

Barbara Social Media Manager
June 24, 2011

Summer is in the air, and that usually means a few things…BBQ, Sun, Vacation…and to us at Mobclix it also means HIRING!

Our team is expanding this summer, and not just with summer interns, but in departments across the whole company. Just because we’re aggressively hiring, though, doesn’t mean we ignore certain qualities of potential employees to get them in the door asap; we make sure we consider things like: cultural fit, a standardized hiring process, questions to ask, and more.

But what are the most important things to consider when deciding to bring on a new employee, besides what’s on their resume? For example, if you’re a developer in need of more talent to help create new apps, how can you be sure that you’ve selected “the chosen one“?

Here at Mobclix, we’ve developed an awesome team that just keeps growing. However, we’ve gone through experiences that have helped us better decide on the right people for each position. Mobclix engineer, Rama Roberts, shares his words of wisdom on attracting the best talent to positively grow your business.

Rama’s Words of Wisdom on Hiring:

1. Be Professional. Be professional during the courting phase. For example, don’t reschedule, be late, or interview somewhere noisy–the interview is a first impression for them, too!

2. Culture Fit. Know your company culture, and hire people who would fit. Joel Spolsky writes great blog post that highlights this point–all focused on every day team lunches.

3. Industry Passion. Hire people with a genuine interest in the industry. This should be the main quality you interview for.

4. Hire constantly. Hiring should always be every employee’s top priority, all the time. There should never be a “hiring freeze”—when the right candidate comes along, be prepared to strike fast, and find the position for him/her afterwards.

5. Hire People, Not Skills. Although you might need to fill a particular skill-set for the time being, companies, along with their products, constantly change. That’s why, according to this article, try not to hire into specific roles.

6. Consider hiring remote. Now, it might be difficult for your whole team to be in different places, but that’s the beauty of technology. We have a couple employees that work remotely, and they’re just as accessible as those in the office. Given today’s hyperconnectivity (with Skype, IM, Facetime, etc.), the stigma of being “remote” is no longer as relevant. It also broadens the pool of available candidates; we all know this a really tough market for hiring right now.

7. Take control over making offers. For example, aim for a quick turn-around by offering the right incentives for each potential candidate. Know what motivates the candidate to make a tailored offer: be it stock, bonuses, vacation, etc.

8. Be Vocal. Tell top candidates (and existing employees) that they’re wanted. But don’t just tell them once—continually and consistently tell them they’re wanted. Taken from this post from Rands in Repose, be vocal about your message before an interview, during, and after.

9. Hire ‘A’ Players. With that said, don’t hire mediocre: A players attract A players. B players attract C players, etc. Mark Suster says it best in this blog post: “Don’t hire too quickly just because you raised money or because you feel pressure to make thing happen. The minute you compromise on quality you’ve already begun the descent.

10. Succession Planning. Lastly, free up your superstars to tackle the hard problems, and hire to backfill. What this means, is practicing what is called succession planning. That way, once those more difficult problems arise, the capable employees will be available to help solve them. It also demonstrates clear career growth opportunities for existing employees, which helps with retention.

For more success stories on hiring methodologies, check out Etsy’s Quora answer on how they train their engineers to manage development and operations.

Hope this information helps you best build your company to consist of not only the most capable staff, but a happy one as well. If you have any questions or would like to chat further, feel free to shoot Rama a note (Rama@Mobclix.com).

And if you’re interested in joining the Mobclix team, check out the Mobclix Careers page and send over your resume & cover letter to Jobs@Mobclix.com!


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